How to measure your Pony for a Rug

by Scarlett on October 1, 2010

How to measure your Pony for a Rug

Really easy to get rug size wrong with the implications being that the rug either doesn’t do its job properly, comes off too easily or worse is too tight and somehow hurts the pony. Not to mention the postage cost of having to return the rug for another!

The following instructions outline a step-by-step approach to measuring your pony to provide an optimal fit, comfort and ease of movement.

Most manufacturers recommend that the pony be measured from (A) the centre point of the chest, over the high point of the shoulder, and then to (B) the rear of the hind leg.

When you have the measurement, choose the nearest size from the table below.

This is not a guarantee of getting it right but it will give you the best chance. We are here to help so if you’ve got any concerns or questions please contact us in the office on 01208 872 047

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